Episode 8 | Intercultural Couples, Interview with “Kidist & Dudley” (Ethiopian and Jamaican)

In the third installment of our interview series featuring intercultural and/or interracial couples, “Kidist” & “Dudley” take us through their fifteen year journey of love and friendship, and share their thoughts on the cultural similarities and differences between Jamaicans and Ethiopians.

Episode 7 | Intercultural Couples, Interview with Elsa & Tom (Ethiopian and Chinese)

In our second of a series of episodes on intercultural coupledom, we interview Elsa and Tom, an Ethiopian-Chinese married couple living in Canada.

Episode 6 | Intercultural Couples, Interview with O & M (Ethiopian and Lebanese/Palestinian)

In our first of a series of episodes exploring intercultural relationships, we interview an Ethiopian and Lebanese/Palestinian couple. High school sweethearts who are now on their 11th year of marriage with two children, the couple tell us about the beauty of their intercultural marriage and the challenges they faced along the way.